In this article, we will be explaining why pests exist and the records of pest control in olden days. The question that we first have to answer is that what are pests? Pests are animals which affect and destroy crops, food, human hygiene and the general living conditions of human beings. Pests include but are not limited to; ants of different types, bedbugs, rodents, moles, foxes, skunks, butterflies, wasps, honeybees, squirrels, mouse, cockroaches, and other small animals like different types of birds. When so many kinds of pests exist, it becomes hard to keep the house clean of them on your own hence pest controllers are necessary. Speaking about pest control, Eliminate Ltd is the best company in the whole of Scotland and Northern England.

The question here is why pests exist and have they always been around human beings? The answer would be that yes they have existed since forever and there are a couple of reasons which attracts pests. Back in the days, people were used to living with pests because they were not that clean. For e.g. cockroaches, lizards, flies and other things were not a problem for people. As awareness about hygiene grew, people started seeing them as problems and eliminating them. When we are talking about pests on crops, at first people used to burn down the crops to keep the pest problem in one location. Later animals were kept away, playing with their psychology and lastly, pesticides were used.

Pests are attracted to wherever they can find food and hide. They are attracted to poor hygiene areas, food and shaded places. Hence they can be food around left out food, lawns, garbage. Some of the pests live in the tree which means that if you have a house near a pest nest, you will suffer.

Reasons For The Presence Of Pests