The best thing about dental clinics is that they take care of our oral health and the worst thing about them is visiting the dental clinics. Many people associate dentists not with healthy teeth and gums but with injections, pain and torturous waiting in the waiting room. Some people are more terrified of going to the dentists than the others because they have had some rough experiences in the past which is the fault of bad dentists. Often, dentists are not trained properly which affects the way they handle each patients. Bad dentists treat the patients in such a way that they go through a lot more pain than necessary and often mess up the whole job and damage the teeth or gums of the patients.

A good dental experience is one where the dentist knows his job well, has education and experience about the field and the environment of the clinic is relaxing for the patient. If you are looking for such a dental experience then we recommend that you go to Mint St Dental which was started back in 1945. If you are interested in contacting the clinic then go to and you will find all the information that you need.

Following are some of the reviews given by the patients of Mint St Dental:

Friendly Staff

The staff of the clinic is known to be friendly to the patients and is there to help out the patient in every way.

Experienced Dentists

The dentists of the clinic are all experienced and trained in the field and know how to handle every case, no matter how difficult it is.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the clinic is relaxing which the patients love.

Reviews From The Patients Of Mint St Dental In East Victoria Park, Australia