The theme of your house’s interior plays a vital role is tying your house’s look together, and each theme gives off a different energy. Minimalistic interior designs have been really popular as of late since they give off a clean and sophisticated look. Now there is another trend that is slowly gaining notoriety amongst homeowners and that is to go for a completely rustic theme. Think the interior of a cabin you may have visited on a vacation before. It is basically supposed to be more open, welcoming and organic in terms of the look achieved.

Some people choose to make the entire interior of their house rustic, while others may limit themselves to certain rooms like getting a rustic bedroom set, or just getting a few choice pieces placed here and there. Now, if you want to get the rustic look, there are a few things you need to follow.

  • Wooden pieces and furniture are basically the center of a rustic theme. So, you can find bare or reclaimed wood being use. This gives a more natural and organic feel.
  • Now, you can choose to have the wood completely natural, painted or just stained. The most ideal color is to opt for more rich and warmer tones so that it ends up creating a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.
  • You always want to make sure that the natural lines, curves, knots and design of the wood is actually visible. You want to show off the natural beauty and design of the wood, as well as the work of the craftsmen who helped to shape and design it.
  • Rustic furniture and items are not small in any way. They are large and they may seem unpolished from a distance. Using actual halved logs for tables or for seats and so on.
Rustic Furniture Explained