If you have decided that you want to go for developing projects only like Scout Condos, it is time that you have a long talk with your real estate agent and give him/her precise information.

Set a Limit

We are talking about a budget limit because that is the most important limit there is when you are condo hunting. We would suggest that you set two limits; one limit is the amount that you have saved up for purchasing or investing in a condo and the other would be the final budget limit which you can only use if you find an exceptional developing projects that offers features that cannot be found anywhere else and they are worth the price. Make sure that you explain both of these limits to your real estate agent so that he/she would search accordingly.

List of Priorities

You should have a list of priorities that you absolutely need in the unit and the condo and these things should be the features or items that you absolutely cannot compromise on like security, rules of condo, certain amenities, maintenance etc.

List of Preferences

This is the list your real estate agent should have that should outline all of your preferences of things or features that you would like to see in your apartment or condo but if they are not there, it is not a big deal i.e. they are not a priority.

Move In Time

If you are in a hurry and need to move in by a certain date then make sure that you mention it to your agent so that he/she would target only those condos that will allow you to live on that date but if you have time then allow your real estate agent to search leisurely.

Score a Good Unit in a Condo By Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent