With the help of solar energy, lighting homes and warming it as well as creating clean renewable energy has not only been made easier, but cost friendly as well. However, none of it works in cooling the homes during the harsh summer heat. In addition, a high level of solar energy is consumed in order to keep the home cool including air conditioners. The only solution to this issue is planting trees in the right location. Not only will it make your home more environmental friendly, but it will also have a cool temperature during the peak summer season lowering your overall energy consumption.

deciduousThe most popular type of shade tree recommended to tackle off the heat is Hybrid Poplar. It has the feature of growing fast; about eight feet per year, and can grow up from forty to fifty feet high. You will find yourself confused between the different varieties of Hybrid Poplar trees, as all of them look similar. While most of them provide the same level of benefits, opulusdeltoides x Populusnigra variety is the most recommended one for home backyard. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a leafy canopy with a steady supply of acorns every year then Nuttal Oak is ideal for you. This shade tree species is one of the fastest growing ones giving you ample time to make summer preparations.

However, if you are looking for something lively and colorful instead of dullness then you should opt for Northern Capalta with its showy flowers and think canopy not to mention that this too is one of the fastest growing trees. Adding on to the curb appeal of the house, Paper Birth provides the perfect white bark that can keep your home cool.

Shade Trees For Energy Consumption Reduction in Your Home