Using a micro USB cable to charge phones was a great idea since there’s an USB port pretty much everywhere these days. You can charge your phone in your car, with your laptop and with portable power banks that charge and discharge via USB as well. However, micro USB heads tend to get very loose after a bit and that can be troublesome. Imagine leaning your phone on charge overnight only to find out that that it got loose while charging and now you’re stuck with low battery.

Micro USB heads get loose because of the many times we yank our phones from their charging cables just to answer them. Another problem with most cables that you get with your phones is that they just don’t last;once you’ve folded them right and put them away a couple of times, they’ll start breaking on the inside which can make them completely useless or worse – they’ll charge super slow.

Considering how long we’ve been relying on USB cables to charge our phones, it’s kind of a surprise that we found a solution to our charging problems just now. Magnetic charging cables split the micro USB bit and the cable bit apart so that if you lose one, you don’t lose the other and they make charging your phone so much more practical. The Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB is the best magnetic USB cable according to Gearhub. This cable does it all, it charges fast, transfers data even faster and it doesn’t break that easy.

You can now snap your cable on your phone just by putting your phone next to it and you can remove your phone from use as many times as you need as well without wearing your micro USB head out, since it stays in anyways.

Smart Phones Deserve Smarter Charging Cables