How are precise perfect cuts of ice significant in your daily drinks? Do you believe that the degree of crystalline, size and looks of your icy rocks matter in your drinks or not? If so, maybe you should indulge in a specialized ice maker expert.

There are different types of ice makers that produce a variety of ice. A good example would be the infamous ice cubes, where they are popularly used in beverages from home and fine dining and bulk cooling.

Moving on to ice nuggets, besides of their extraordinary name and chew-able texture, they also have a unique purpose of being used in healthcare and therapeutic needs. The use of these nugget shaped ice crystals can decrease the overall production costs and the industry’s cost of assets.7727682_orig

Next, we have the ice flakes. These dainty and delicate pieces of ice are used in commercial fishing and also highly used for cooling concrete in industries. You may wonder how these fragile flakes are able to cool such sturdy structures that can outweigh them.  The answer my friends, is that these ice flakes can be stored at a temperature below zero degree Celsius, below the freezing point of ice! They do not sound as dainty as they look, do they?

Next on the list is crescent-shaped ice. They are mostly used in non-blended drinks as they are very robust and hard.

The next one is called ‘Gourmet’. These are the product of the fancy ice maker expert you see in bars and fine dining. These ice crystals can come in so many shapes, like ‘Top Hats’. No wonder they are classified as ‘Gourmet.’

So what role does shaped ice play in your life? Do you believe that it is important enough for you to purchase a specialized ice maker expert?

Specialized Ice Maker Experts