For people who happen to not have the financial stability and want to conceive or think that they might be pregnant, it is time that they take a pregnancy test that is homemade so that they get a slight confirmation. There are plenty of different kinds of homemade pregnancy tests, common examples include bleach pregnancy test and toothpaste pregnancy test. For people who want quick confirmation they can take it, or do not have access to the strip tests or blood tests. Bleach is a cleaning agent that uses the mechanism of oxidization but it also happens to be one of those agents that can detect the pregnancy hormones as well and changes its texture. For people who want to know cheap pregnancy tests, they should keep reading as we will be discussing how you can find out if bleach pregnancy test positive vs negative. Following are some of the steps involved in taking the bleach pregnancy test, check them out down below.

Things You Will Need

If you want to take the bleach pregnancy test, it is best that you take a clean container, you will also need a good amount of bleach, the cleaning agent, and one cup of bleach would do the trick. And the most important thing that you will need is a sample of urine. Now we will move on to the steps involved.

Step Number 1

For the first step you need to take a urine sample and pour it in a clean cup or bowl, whatever you have. There is no hard and fast rule.

Step Number 2

Once you have a urine sample now you had half a cup or full cup of bleach into the container that holds your urine sample, if it fizzes the test is positive.

Step by Step Guide on Bleach Pregnancy Test