In case you have been keeping up with trends, you have probably noted that ‘cleanses’ more specifically, juice cleanses have become really popular over the years. The reason why they have become so popular is because people believe that juice cleanses help flush out toxins from your systems entirely and help you lose weight. The reality is quite different, according to various studies, juice cleanses do not help you reduce weight, since only water weight is lost, it is all gained back once you go back to a regular diet.

Juice cleanses also do not do that much to eliminate toxins either, in fact they end up doing more harm than good if your juice cleanse is longer than a week. Juice cleanses also mean depriving your body of nutrition as well. So rather than doing a juice cleanse, a tea detox will be a more suitable option.

lemondetoxteaDuring the course of your tea detox, you have to drink at least 3 cups of day during a day. A tea detox does not allow you to deprive yourself, in fact FitTea advises you to eat healthy meals and to exercise at least 3-5 times a week for the best results. A tea detox can do a number of things, firstly they help you to burn weight more quickly, a healthy meal coupled with exercise and the tea will help you get visible results sooner.

FitTea also guarantees to boost your immunity as well, ingredients like Oolong, ginger, pomegranate and   Rooibos are known to boost immunity and help to improve the metabolism as well. With tea detoxes, you are not depriving yourself of nutrition so you do not feel lethargic or lightheaded;FitTea even helps to raise your energy levels as well, so you can remain active throughout the day.

Tea Detox: What They Can Do