It is important for any person who is thinking about beginning cricket or simply taking it up as their sports hobby to find out a bit more about the game before actually committing to the sport and playing it. To begin with, unless you are playing cricket in an extremely casual manner where you don’t really play in the proper ground, you will need to get the right equipment for the job. Cricket is one of those sports where there is a pretty proper way of getting ready for the game. To play the game you will need a proper kit of shin and knee pads, a helmet, batting gloves, cricket sneakers, wickets, protective gear, a few cricket balls, and a cricket bat. All of these things can easily be found at a store that sells cricket equipment like Meulemans mega store in Joondalup. The game is considered to be the gentleman’s game because of the elegance of the game, the discipline and grace of the players, and most importantly because of the sportsmanship and respect the game teaches you.

Now once you have the correct equipment and spirit of the game you must understand how it works. There are basically two teams of 11 who aim to make a bigger amount of ‘runs’ than the other team. The teams take turns batting and bowling to make and stop each other from making runs, and that is called an innings. You win the game by having more runs at the end of the match which is decided by a preset number of times bowling will happen or when the other team has no more batsman to score. It is a game that requires good hand eye coordination, quick reflexes, strength and accuracy when bowling and batting, and stamina to play the game.

The Basics And Skills of Cricket