The pain of tinnitus is completely understood only by people who have gone through it. It can be called as the constant buzzing or ringing in ears that has no external source but those having tinnitus experience it all times.

The frequency and the level of that noise vary but will be experienced throughout the day. It can get so annoying for some people that it becomes impossible for them to treat it. While it might actually cease if it was caused by something temporary such as a treatment for a disease or a particular medication, in other cases, it might never go away.

Some Natural Remedies Can Help With It

There is no definite way to get rid of them. But there are a few natural and supplements that can help reduce the symptoms. Green tea is one of the things that help you in staying calm because of the anti-oxidants in it. It helps you to focus better and stay alert. It contains some levels of theanine which helps you to stay calm. Other than green tea, garlic also helps in improving blood flow to the ears which further helps in reducing the symptoms. Some people have linked tinnitus with poor blood flow and that might actually be the case. Hawthorne berries and juniper berries are also found to be containing anti-oxidants which is why they have calming properties.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins were found to have a direct relation with levels pf tinnitus in the elderly. They help to cope with stress better which helps with coping with tinnitus better. Vitamin B3 is known for being extremely healthy for the nervous system which shows it will be helpful with tinnitus as well, as supported by most Health Xperts.

The Best Remedies For Tinnitus