There are numerous apps out there that allow smartphone users to make free video and voice calls to one another, these apps are pretty handy since they let you connect with your friends and family from anywhere in the world, all you need is the app on your phone and a decent internet connection. Out of all the video call apps out there, none is as good as FaceTime, a video call app that has been critically acclaimed due to its seamless performance, great features and a simple to use interface.

Like every other video call app out there, FaceTime requires an internet connection to work, anyone with the app can contact anyone else with the app as long as they have each other’s IDs. FaceTime makes use of a smartphone’s front camera to provide video, it has a pretty simple and easy to understand UI that makes using the app and getting used to it very easy. One of the reasons why FaceTime is so popular is the fact that it always provides a stable connection with high quality content, many other video call apps such as Skype tend to drop calls every now and then, making it harder to communicate with the other person and ruining the experience of the call.

FaceTime was originally developed for Apple products and has been excusive to the iOS for a long time, but recently the developers have decided to produce an android version of the app as well. Now everyone with a smartphone can use FaceTime and significantly improve their video calling experience, in order to get facetime for Android, either find a credible site to download its APK file or search for the app on the PlayStore. Once you’ve installed it on your phone, you won’t have to deal with low quality video calls ever again.

The Best Video Call App