If you are looking into mining and wish to do it on someone else’s land then you need to know everything there is about mining tenement which is of different types so without further ado, let us look at the various types.

Prospecting Tenement

Before you get any kind of tenement, you should not only gather all the information that you can but you should also consult with someone who is already in the business so that you do not take a wrong step. The thing about prospecting tenement is that it is of two types i.e. parcel prospecting permit and distractive prospective permit; the first one is valid for 3 months and the other one is valid for 1 to 12 months but the duration is fixed according to the land owner’s will. If you need more information on this permit then visit www.austwidemining.com.au/.

Exploration Permit

It is perhaps the permit that is most sought after and famous among people who wish to do mining. As the purpose of this permit is to allow the holder to explore, the holder can do so for 5 years and use the permit wisely to test the presence and features of the minerals that he/she is looking for in the land. One thing that you need to remember is that you would not be able to explore the whole length and breadth of the land rather you will get the permit to do the exploration in a small portion of the land. Before you get this permit, you should get the information regarding what kinds of mining activities are open to you through this permit as there are certain restrictions but the common activities that are allowed are drilling, sampling, surveys and other such processes.

The Different Types of Mining Tenements