Have you ever felt like that the mattresses that we use right now have become outdated? The creators of the Eva Mattress think so and have put a lot of effort into designing what is going to be the next big thing in the mattress industry. The Eva Mattress is a hybrid mattress that is made of multiple layers of materials, each of which add to its comfort and design in their own way. The creators of this mattress not only wish to revolutionize the current mattress design, they also want to make the process of buying a mattress easier and simpler.

Studies show that only a mere six percent of the Australian population actually gets the right amount of sleep, the people behind the Eva Mattress wish to address this problem by making falling asleep fun again. They teamed up with sleep specialists and did a lot of research on making a mattress that would make people want to climb into bed as soon as possible. This mattress is only made of items that it needs to be a great mattress, its design is as simple as possible in order to keep the price from becoming too much.

When you purchase an Eva Mattress, you will not have to worry about going to a market and picking a mattress that you will then have to somehow bring back home, instead, the Eva Mattress is bought online and comes in a box. A portable box in which the mattress is vacuum packed to make it more compact, and once your mattress has arrived you can give it a go and have it returned in the first 120 days if it does not meet your needs. Learn more about Eva Mattress at its website and get in touch with its team from there as well.

The Evolution of The Mattress