We humans have always had a thing for going fast; in ancient times the man with the fastest mount would be highly respected by his peers, and if we look at today’s society we can pretty much see the same sort of behaviour. Nowadays we have cars instead of horses and other mounts, anyone who is a fan of vehicles will tell you that one of the greatest joys of owning a car is to be able to freely drive it. Cars have come a really long way now and are loaded with all kinds of technologies that make driving them an even smoother experience, and right now we are at a point in time where the very concept of cars just might change for us forever.

We have been hearing about self-driving cars for quite some time now, the technology behind this concept has been under development for several years and it is finally nearing a state that is stable and developed enough to be make the technology adoptable. Many big names in the vehicle industry are already planning on adopting this technology in the near future, while this is great news in terms of road safety, there are some who think that self-driving technology can potentially rob us of the joy of driving.

Every car owner out there finds a certain degree of joy in driving their vehicle, a joy that the coming generations might not be able to experience. While this is a valid concern, it is not a disruptive problem that can hinder the development and mainstream adoption of automated driving; are self driving cars becoming a real thing? Indeed they are and this technology is going to make the act of commuting and going around much easier for a lot of us.

The Future of Cars And Driving