When people consider getting a jogging stroller they are often unaware of the different types and differences in details that many jogging strollers provide to their possible customer base. You can have different perks and features like weather resistant canopies, insect repellent screens, reclining seats, and even choices to hook up the stroller to bicycles and in some cases even skis! So depending on what works for you and how many children you have you should look in to the details of what you can possibly get to know what is the best single, or best double jogging stroller for you.

We will be discussing the varying wheel sizes and their functions to help you decide what type of wheel size is the best fit for your jogging stroller function. Normally you have three major sizes of wheels for strollers like these. You can get the 12 inch wheel, the 16 inch wheel, or the 20 inch wheel. The 16 inch and 20 inch wheels are readily available in most baby stroller shops and are usually easy enough to fit into your current jogging stroller. Now beginning with the 12 inch wheels, they are best for being used on the sidewalk or for slightly fast paced walking. Not really recommended for actual running or jogging at a fast pace. The 16 inch wheels are best for places with smoother surfaces like turf tracks and malls. They have better maneuverability and are great at handling. They however are not fit for rough spaces as they do not have as good a shock absorption level and so is not the best fit for rough terrain. Finally there is the 20 inch wheels which have the best shock absorption and do great on gravel or parks but do not have the best handling and are difficult to run in crowded places.

The Right Wheels