What’s the connection?Your diet is fundamental for your health. If you eat lots of toxic food, then all of your body will suffer, and yes, that includes your teeth. However, if you improve your nutrition habits, then you will be rewarded with better health and beautiful teeth.


dsc06472If you want your teeth to look yellow, be weak and unhealthy, then here we have the perfect formula to accomplish it: eat lots of sugar, smoke and drink alcohol. We guarantee you that if you follow these steps in less than 1 month your teeth will be pretty yellow!

Can you see it? Toxic habits are the problem here. They are the real destroyers. So you need to kill if you want to win. Because if you follow a good treatment and make just a few minor changes, then your results will be small, not even noticeable. But if you follow the right treatment, supplied by someone like Dr. Daniel Kuncio New York City, and follow his recommendations on how to eat better and get rid of toxic habits, then your teeth will look better in a short time.

We often underestimate the power of our diet. It can be either good or bad, and we are the one who choose it. If you want to feel better and smile without shame then all you need to do is to eat better. Because as a result your teeth will look better.

Protect your enamel, eat better food, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much alcohol and your life will change radically. You can always enjoy some beers with the pals, but forget about smoking or drinking too much sugar and alcohol. Those things will only make your teeth pretty ugly and make you feel bad.

The Role of Diet And Your Teeth