A lot of people think that life – in all aspects – is all about sacrifice. But what they don’t know is that rest plays a very important role. The best way to prove it is in the fitness scenario. If you don’t give your body proper rest, then you will NEVER achieve your fitness goals. It means you won’t lose much fat at all or build muscle.

As you can see rest plays an important role in fitness and any other sphere in our life. That’s why you need to master it and learn how to rest and WHEN to do it.

You Need It

full-massage-chair-zero-gravity-shiatsuSince the phrase “No Pain No Gain” became popular a lot of people think that life is all about suffering, otherwise you won’t accomplish anything important. But it’s true, life is about suffering but not all the time. We need to be smart and recognize the role of rest in our lives.

In other words: Work Hard and Rest Hard.Simply put, this is the mindset you should follow in our life. Because otherwise you will shoot you on your own feet. You cannot have a successful life if all you do is to suffer. You need to embrace rest.

Making It

We would recommend you to buy a massage chair like the Thomas Buffet. This one will make you feel very relaxed after a few minutes. Let’s say you work 6 on your regular job and 4 hours on your projects. Then you should spend at least 1 hour of your day relaxing. And this massage chair is a good way to do it.

So from now on start practicing the wonderful habit of resting in your life. If you want to be happy, then this is the route you must follow.

The Role of Resting in Your Life