Touring around the world sounds extremely fun but isn’t as easy as it seems, going into new countries where people speak different languages and have a different cultureit can be quite hard to adjust there. In fact, many local service providers often charge tourists extra in order to rip them off, Thailand is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful islands and numerous resorts, however, tourists often find it hard to move around in the city in a safe and comfortable manner.

One of the most popular vacation spots in all of Thailand is Koh Chang, a beautiful island that is dotted with natural sights, beautiful beaches and numerous tourist resorts, the island faces a high inflow of tourists throughout the year, but the trouble with it is that it’s hard to reach. With normal traffic it takes about 4 hours to reach Koh Chang, the entire ride goes through the country side and even includes a 30 minute trip on a ferry, meaning that it can get quite hectic if you’re in a local taxi or a crowded bus. If you’re looking to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang then consider hiring Koh Chang Transport, a private transport company that provides tourists with a comfortable and reliable ride to the island.

Koh Chang Transport has a number of cars and buses that can be booked, all of which are kept in great condition and driven by capable drivers who know how to get to Koh Chang as fast as possible. The company has fixed charges and do not charge any additional hidden costs and their charges cover all the costs of the trip. If you ever plan on visiting Koh Chang, get in touch with Koh Chang Transport, they’ll get you to the island in comfort.

The Safest Way to Travel to Koh Chang