MailChimp is one of the platforms that assist in email marketing. It is popular among small businesses and bloggers. It is also free of cost when the number of subscribers you have is below 2000. It is trustworthy, easy to use, and on top of all that you can even create email templates without the requirement of coding. There are so many MailChimp benefits which has increased its popularity.

For small businesses, MailChimp is a great headstart, as mentioned earlier if the number of subscribers is below 2000 then you do not have to worry about paying. MailChimp will send out 12,000 emails to your subscribers for free and once your business starts flourishing you can easily upgrade your account. On top of that, it is user-friendly so you do not have to worry about all the complex things.

Email marketing is no simple task it requires a lot of effort, however, MailChimp has so many features that it will make your life so much easier. It has various features including:

  • Scheduling
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • List Segmentation

In case you have difficulty in understanding anything regarding MailChimp, you can ask for help. MailChimp staff will help you out in any problems that you might be facing. You will get a speedy and friendly response to all your queries.

Freddie von Chimpenheimer let’s not forget about this monkey. This monkey was created by MailChimp as digital brand personality. He is cute, funny, and really helpful. Throughout your MailChimp journey this little guy will help you out by giving you helpful tips and suggestions, he not just for show.

There are still so much more about MailChimp that you can learn by experience and when you start using it you will get to more and more about the benefits of MailChimp.

Things You Should Know About MailChimp