A lot of homeowners do not know this, but garage doors actually play a vital role in increasing a houses resale value, in fact, a new garage door can raise your value by 2-5%. While this might not seem a lot, it can end up resulting in you getting extra cash that can go up to thousands. Now, while garage doors do last a long period of time, they do tend to run into different problems, and if you are currently debating between whether you should repair your old garage door or just buy a new one, you can keep on reading below.

  • If your garage door suddenly stops working, then there is most likely a single isolated problem like bad batteries or a problem with the photo eye. This is nothing to worry about and can easily be repaired. However, if your garage door has not worked properly for a while, then there might be a problem in the lifting mechanism, and this requires a replacement.
  • If your garage door takes more time to open up or close properly, the torsion springs are getting worn out. This too is a problem that can easily be fixed by just replacing the old springs with new one.
  • If your garage door is really old and outdated, you should get it replaced since it will not do your house‚Äôs resale value any good. Newer models come with different designs and security features that make them desirable. If you happen to be interested in buying a new garage door, you can consult the experts at Spark Garage Doors.
  • If only a small panel in your garage door is damaged, it can be replaced, however, if your garage door has gone through extensive damage, it will need to be replaced.
To Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?