The sport baseball has a very large fan following trend that comes with a lot of baggage. It has become essential not to disappoint them as they play an important role in the profits of the baseball business industry. While some of the baseball uniforms attract the fans to such lengths that they directly affect the number of people to attend the match, some of the uniforms are really unappealing and makes a lot of people question the uniform designer’s state of mind. Following are the top 4 teams that have the worst looking baseball uniforms in the history:

1. San Diego Padres
The Padres had a really unattractive uniform design that was bland and safe yet unmemorable a few years ago. They had to redesign the uniform due to its unappealing look. They kept bringing the brown color back as some sort of a throwback but it wasn’t really successful.

2. Houston Astros
article-0-1980104D000005DC-225_634x438The boring looking uniform does not do justice to their successful baseball history in terms of performance. They had resigned their uniform but it only resulted in them being portrayed as trying too hard. Nonetheless, they should be given credit for the cap designed as H with a star logo.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks
They had a unique color combination of purple and teal but that didn’t make that it is appealing to the eyes so they chose red as their main color. The lettering watermark on the uniform shirt looks childish to begin with as well as the whole look become memorable in a negative way.

4. Tampa Bay Rays
Their sterile and boring uniform looks similar to a solar panel company or something that you find in baseball videos having no significance of or having a MLB license. The watermark logo on the uniform inclines more towards the sunlight than baseball.

Top 4 Worst Looking Baseball Uniforms