Car waxing is the only way to make your car’s exterior look like new, though washing it makes it look fresh and naturally acceptable and beautiful, still, the beautiful shine is only caused by applying the right amount of car wax on it. There are multiple options to choose from, with hundreds of car wax products in the United States of America, there are countless products and to choose from thousands of them, users always go for the best-rated seller or the one they have heard good about it. It is important to know the qualities and varieties found in car wax products, each one falls under specific price range and car wax rating method. There are several car wax products that are expensive enough with different flavors and chemicals but are of no use when it comes to durability of the applied product. some cheap ones do a better job for rough drivers to make their cars look shiny like a mirror.

FinishingWaxes007There are exactly three kinds of car waxes, each with a specific property and a proper way to apply on the surface of the car. Several paints are good for sprays, some for paste wax, others for a simple lustrous pad wax. The first one is a liquid wax, it comes in packets with pads and towels to apply on the surface of cars, these are given 9 out of 10 car wax ratings depending upon the factory. Liquid wax is overcome by paste wax that is a quick and simple procedure to make your car look like a brand new vehicle. It has high car wax ratings and takes a minute to apply and paste. The third one and a best one falling in the car wax ratings is a great finisher “the spray wax”. It is simple to use, spray it all over the car and see its wonders.

Types Of Car Wax