Humans have been using tools to shape the world around them for a really long time and over the years we have come up with all kinds of tools and improved many of the old ones, but the most simple and the most versatile tool is the knife. This simple piece of metal has been used not only to defend, but also to hunt and in many other ways throughout history. Knives nowadays are incredibly robust and are designed to provide their users with a variety of uses, but the problem with a normal knife is that carrying it around isn’t easy.

Tactical knives are designed to deal with this problem, these blades are compact, lightweight and easy to carry and are designed to be used in a lot of ways without getting damaged. Tactical knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the standard design includes a handle and a foldable blade that goes into the handle to make the knife more compact, you can find tactical knifes with a variety of different edges, double edged blades and with handles that are designed to make them easy to grip in any situation.

Choosing the right tactical knife for yourself depends on what do you need one for, you can find ones that have really small blades and are designed to be used for day to day activities, then there are some knives with multi-purpose blades that make them useful for defence as well. If you want to learn more about tactical knives, then visit Nite Hawk and check out their reviews for the best tactical knife out there, the website is dedicated to tactical accessories collectors and is a great place to learn about a variety of equipment and gear, they can help you find the best knife out there.

Types of Tactical Knives