Washing machines are a useful and convenient appliance. If not for washing machines people would have to spend hours simply rubbing clothes against each other in the water and then rubbing it against soap to clean out the dirt. Laundry would be a very tedious task if not for washing machines. The point of the washing machine is to make sure your life is convenient, so there really is no point buying a washing machine that is faulty or difficult to use.

If you are getting a washing machine, then you should try and get one that has a number of different features on it that lets you do a lot more with your clothes than simply soak them in soapy water. In this article we will be talking about washing machines that have passed the bäst i test liten toppmatad (Bosch, Miele, Siemens) and we will be focusing on one that has stood out amongst the other washing machines as a must buy appliance.

The washing machine in question is the LG FH 495BDS2. This washing machine is great for large loads of clothes as it can handle up to 12 kilograms worth of clothes at any one time, and it even has a speed of 1400. This washing machine is widely considered to be one of the best ones for a big house hold, or for any person who likes to do a lot of laundry in one go rather than doing it often. The LG FH 495BDS2 has a number of features that makes it a great washing machine to use for a number of different types of clothing. From features that give you a deep cleaning scrub option, to a sensitive clothing option that only does a back and forth clean, this machine can work for all types of clothes.

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