From teleporting through thick concrete walls in the blink of an eye to vanishing a giant plane within seconds, David Copperfield is undoubtedly one of top rated magicians of his time. Unlike other street performers that mistakenly reveal about the hidden tricks of their performances, Copperfield has always been able to maintain a reputable name in the community for his originality.

The psychology and physiology behind each illusion is highly unique, as it involves several meticulously calculated steps in a unique order. Many people in the past have stolen magic tricks from the professionals in the field, and start their own business without even caring about the regulations of the patent if magic tricks.

Because of the massive fan-following of Copperfield, many low-scale performers have tried to copy his tricks so that they can also cater to a larger audience. He has already filed several lawsuits pertaining to these matters, and in most cases has successfully won his case because of coming up with original ideas. If you have already planned to watch seasonal concerts and events in Las Vegas this summer, then make sure to also add these magic shows in your itinerary to have a worthwhile experience.

This magician has travelled to all remote places on this planet to display his prowess and innate skill in the field of magic. The Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty have also been part of his illusion journey, and he has proved that he can perform almost anywhere. Make sure to visit the website of Cheapo Ticketing to buy David Copperfield tickets online for the most affordable rates. From being ranked in the Celebrity 100 List of the richest entertainers to holding 11 distinct Guinness World Records, he is undoubtedly praised in the world of magic.

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