No matter if you live in a house or an apartment, you would need cabinets in that space to store your possessions and maybe even put them on display. Cabinets are an intelligent invention of human beings as they manage the space and items perfectly. There is no limitations when it comes to the types of items that can be stored in cabinets which means that anything can be stored if it is suitable for the size of the cabinet and it is not too heavy.

It does not matter if you are planning to renovate, move into a new house or are building one, you would need cabinets in the house and the best idea is to get customized cabinets for you kitchen and bathrooms, in that way the cabinets will be built around your needs and preference and you will have fun using them. Bathroom cabinets are essential but not as important as kitchen cabinet hence we advise that when you plan on getting new cabinets, you should go for EcoCabinets – custom kitchen cabinets designs as they are the best ones in the market. These kitchen cabinet designs are offered by the company situated in Perth, Australia and is called Eco Cabinets.

The main designer of the company is Philippe Signer and he is a man of many talents. According to his profile, he has been involved in the field of design for over 15 years and as for qualification, he holds an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design. Since he has started working, he has been a chef, has worked in the field of set design, art direction for film, theatre and television and finally in 2008, he settled on becoming a great cabinet maker.

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