When you compile movies that contain outlandish fighting scenes, you get criticism from some groups while from other group of fans you get positive feedback. The pulsating battle scene of “300” or the thrilling scenes of the “Fast and Furious” movies, those productions are enough to have an impact on our lives. Despite the long runtime of some of the movies such as “The Hobbit”, the uniqueness and action-packed features of these films make the fan invest their money for the tickets as soon as the premier is announced.

The particular fans of “body comedy’ movies categories find it hard to find a production which has less defects and more positive parts. Luckily Netflix users have access to watching some of the best movies such as “Bad Boys” where they get to see the duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence working together as team to fight against the drug dealers in town. You might have seen some of these movies on 123movies, and for more thrilling movies make sure to check out Go Movies.

If you are addicted to action movies such as “Transporter” that don’t let you sit back throughout the screenplay, then you might have a good time watching “The Bourne Ultimatum”. The trilogy has received positive feedbacks from critics because of its impeccable cinematography and story. Matt Damon is accused in the movie of committing some atrocious crimes and the government seems to be on a trail to bring him to justice.

“Face/off” is one of those movies that seem to have an impact in your life and you never forgetting about its existence. The transformation of both the roles where the good becomes evil and vice versa is something that don’t get to see in the movies of this decade.

What Action Movies You Should Watch on Netflix in 2018?