Butterfly is a beautiful creature of nature and in many ways it is truly amazing. Even though it has a very short lifespan of about 1 month yet its life is full of change and liveliness. In this short lifetime, it goes a complete change 4 times and that is the reason these creatures are symbolized for resurrection or a rebirth. A lot of people that go transformation or undergo a life altering experience usually mark their journey with a butterfly tattoo because it symbolizes rebirth of all kinds. It could be psychological or physical or just be anything in the life of a person.

53378968f666ccb41cc6b36f2d7230e8There are many other meanings associated with butterflies in different regions. It is also deemed a symbol of love. It also denotes spirituality as the Greek translation of the word butterfly is ‘psyche’ which has been taken from the Greek goddess Psyche that is believed to be the goddess of Soul. The Greek symbolism for goddess of Soul is represented by butterfly wings and it is believed in Greek mythology that the goddess of Soul fell in love with their god of Love, Eros, who is more commonly known as Cupid by many people today. So the butterfly and such tattoos are closely associated with spirituality and love.

People commonly like to get their cute butterfly tattoos on upper arm, lower back, shoulder or back of shoulders, behind at the neck, and on their foot. In many cultures of Asia, if you see a black butterfly it usually signifies a recent death or a death in the near future of someone close to you. There are so many meanings that are signified by butterflies and they include rebirth, love, a transformation of any sort, spirituality of a person, a connection with soul, grace, closeness to nature and femininity. If you want a butterfly tattoo, you can select one from 90+ butterfly tattoos.

What Does Your Butterfly Tattoo Mean?