Osteopathy is a pretty old treatment method that involves treating various muscle and bone pains through exercise and massaging, Osteopathy has been a proper profession in Australia for 30 years now and can really work wonders. Despite what many people think, Osteopathy is not an alternative treatment, it is a tried and tested practice that can alleviate pains and stops the progress of minor problems that could later on lead to severe debilitations in one’s later years. Currently in Australia, one needs to go through a 5 year university master’s degree to become a certified Osteopath.

Mathew Clarke is one such Osteopath, a fully qualified professional who operated in Australia for 10 years before deciding to move to Dubai where he now offers his services, his profession is also his passion which makes him especially good at what he does. Being a certified Osteopath, Mathew can offer a diverse range of treatments for all kinds of bodily pains, he specializes at lower back treatments, pelvis treatments and neck treatments. Osteopathy also makes use of acupuncture like methods that relax muscles and are capable of providing permanent relief.

For an Osteopath’s treatment to be successful and effective, the client really needs to be cooperative, Osteopaths provide advice and also assign exercise and self-applying therapies that are supposed to provide relief. If one fails to regularly do these routines then they will not be able to fully recover from the pain. Osteopathy is a great treatment since it can stop chronic pain from fully developing or provide relief from it, it can also reduce one’s reliability on pain killers and muscle relaxants. You can read a lot more about Osteopathy on Mathew Clarke’s website, a great place to figure out the uses of Osteopathy and how it can improve your life.

What is Osteopathy?