It might not seem like it at first but landscape is much more than just planting a few patches of grass here and a tree over there; landscape is something that is planned and mapped out very precisely before it can be implemented and landscape designers Perth are some of the most qualified landscapists in Western Australia. They design the best landscaping solutions for businesses and houses alike and here, we will look at a few things that landscape designers Perth believe are absolutely essential in making a landscape a good one.

Lighting is just as much of a part of a landscape as trees and plants are; good lighting will bring out a very enchanting look out of your lawns and gardens. Landscape designers know how to create the right interplay of light and dark to bring the most out of your landscape even at night. Lighting will also make your property much safer since burglars and the like depend on poorly lit areas to make their way in.

Environmental Control
Having your empty areas covered by grass will go more than just make your property look better, it will also manage the environment of your place better. Grass will help trap dust before it reaches your place and since it’s much cooler than concrete, it’ll actually keep the air around your building cooler on a hot day. The right placement of trees can also help you in managing how wind approaches your house and if there’s ever heavy rainfall, your landscaped area will drain the access water before it becomes a problem.

Aesthetic Value
The right kind of landscaping will not only just do the above but it will also bring out the most of your property’s beauty and even increase its net value

What Makes a Landscape Good?