You must be wondering who in their right mind would design a calendar when you can just buy one from the market. If you are one of those people thinking that then you will be quite shocked to hear that people love designing their own calendar because it gives them the choice of personalizing the calendar according to their taste and style. The calendars that you buy from the market are pretty generic and not special but if you design your own, it will be extraordinarily special for you because it would not only include the items of your choice but you would value it more knowing that it is the result of your hard work.

When it comes to designing the month of June 2017 calendar, there are 31 days out of which 4 are the weekends. Speaking of June, it is the month when most of the people are on break, especially in the academic world. This is the month in which you can use your inner fun side and make it exciting to show that it is your break time! It is perfect month to design and show your high spirits because for this month, the calendar will not be cramped with notices about classes, assignments or examinations. A great idea is to make a collage of your pictures from previous study breaks and print the collage in the place of the month of June.

As it is a month of your break, you should not have even reminders but if you are very organized then you can customize it to include all the parties you’re going to attend in the month. To highlight the spirit, you can use a lot of glitter while design this particular month and make sure to make it colorful.

What to Include in The Month of June While Designing Your Own Calendar