Fish is probably the best meat that you can possibly consume. This is because it is so much leaner than beef or chicken, it does not have any of the dangerous bacteria that you might ingest through other meats, and fishing is a lot better for the environment than cattle farming since the latter released a lot of greenhouse gases into the air.

However, one major problem with the fishing industry is that in its current state it is unsustainable. People fish far too much, and this is because there is more demand than supply. Additionally, a lot of endangered areas are being fished in because they are easier to get to. Corporations don’t want to spend more money than they need to, so they just empty out an entire area before moving on.

This is why it is so important for us to take matters into our own hands. If you want fish, you can just go and catch it yourself! There is no need to buy from shops that derive their produce from companies engaging in unsustainable practices.

If you want to catch some beautiful, fresh saltwater fish, all you need to do is buy the best trolling motor, attach it to your boat and set off. With this new technology you would no longer have to wait ages for a bite. A fish would come to you far more quickly, and within no time you would have your dinner attached to the hook at the end of your line.

Since you are fishing on your own, you can avoid all of the areas where fish are endangered. Instead, you can go to places where fish are plentiful, thus helping to save our planet’s environment and prevent its alarmingly rapid decline.

Why Sustainable Fishing is Necessary