A lot of us can remember spending our freshman year in high school wearing braces or watching other people around us awkwardly avoiding smiling too wide because of them. There are a lot of fond/painful memories associated with them, be it the occasional swelling after an appointment, not being able to eat because of the unbearable pain or rushing to the dentist in case your wire accidentally poked out.

Of course the results in the end made the pain worth it. Nowadays, you may have noticed that there are a lot of other alternatives to traditional metal braces, be it invisaligns, invisible braces etc. However, none of them can compete with metal braces yet and we are going to elaborate why that is below.

First of all, metal braces have a long history behind them that supports their effectiveness, their minimal risk, as well as the longevity of their result. Metal braces are the most affordable choice out of all the other options, so you know that you are able to be consistent and see it through. Metal braces are also the most effective as well. Invisaligns and invisible braces are only recommended for mild cases of misalignment. Metal braces can be used to help with every case of misalignment regardless of how simple or complex the case may be. So, you know that you are getting the right treatment.

They do not consistently require re-adjusting after every week or two, in fact, you only have to visit your dentist after every 4-6 weeks depending on the severity of your case. In case you have younger children, metal braces come in a variety of different colors as well in case they don’t want the same color. If you are interested in knowing more about braces or other alternatives, you can always consult the experts at WoodhavenBraces.

Why Traditional Metal Braces Are The Best