There are two kinds of people out there; the kind that would turn on the TV to any channel just so there’s some background noise in the house and so they don’t have to feel lonely anymore and then there are those who actually order shows and movies to view. If you’re the later kind, you’re probably not too happy about the fact that you only get Dutch shows and movies when you want to watch so much more.

Most pay per view service providers such as Netflix show content based on what’s popular in a certain area and in Netherlands, not everyone likes watching content in English but if you’re tired of waiting for dubbed versions of your favourite movies to make their way to you (which might not even happen, if they aren’t popular in your area), then what you need to do is to start looking up ways to enhance your content beyond just nederlandse tv kijken in buitenland.

What a lot of people do at this point is to illegally download these movies and shows in batches, which you can do but since it’s illegal and can land you behind the bars we don’t recommend it. However, what you can do legally is to use a VPN to extend your reach to content that’s beyond what you can get in your local area network. Let’s say you’re using Netflix for Netherlands but want to see the shows on Netflix USA instead; what your VPN can do is to move your online presence to the US so you connect to the servers over there. This is an easy, legal and a very smart way of extending your viewing options to beyond what’s available to you.

Your TV is Deceiving You